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Back to School event, donating books.
Back to School event, donating books.

Our organization was able to donate over 100 books and bookmarks to girls at a back to school event in Miami. We look forward to more events and donating more books.

—-Our first event will be a book drive! We will be collecting books for girls around the age of 6-13. Community service hours will be awarded to those who donate. Books collected will be given to students at Downtown Charter School, the date is to be announced.

Email us with any questions and inquiries about donating:

Arrangements may be made to pick up donated books.

Why donate: 

Books are a great, fun and an easy way for children to learn. I have always loved to read books and it has been a way for me to escape reality or deal with it. Although books are so beneficial, there are lots of girls that cannot afford or do not have the means of getting books which is why I started this book drive. I am asking you to help out and donate a few books.
There are several ways you can help donate new or used books for cheap.

-Donate any of your own books appropriate for girls 6-13
-Go to a thrift store like goodwill or Red White & Blue.
-Visiting or a used book bookstore
-Ask your siblings
-Search Amazon or Amazon Prime
-Use your resources! There are plenty of ways to find good books
Here are some titles that would be appropriate:

  • The Care and Keeping of You
  • A Smart Girl’s Guide to Starting Middle School 
  • Tales from a Not-So-Graceful Ice Princess (Dork Diaries, No. 4)
  • Where There’s a Wolf, There’s a Way (Monster High, Book 3) –
  • Luv Ya Bunches: A Flower Power Book
  • Junie B. Jones #1: Junie B. Jones and the Stupid Smelly Bus
  • The Total Tragedy of a Girl Named Hamlet
  • The Feelings Book: The Care & Keeping of Your Emotions
  • ANY American Girl, Junie B. Jones, Magic Treehouse or Judy Blume books


Slime Event 10/31/17

Book Donation 12/18/17

Kindness Week 02/20/18