America Spoken Word


Spoken Word by Clarissa

This wretched land
Of which I stand
Is one
that has become
something worse than bland
like that of being dragged through sharpened sand
Now I don’t think that you quite understand
We live in a place
Where if someone chooses to face
A problem, even a catastrophe
Our leaders will label our words as none other than blasphemy
Now Censorship is only the beginning of this country’s hypocritical assery
America stands for freedom
But to me it sounds more like bleed em
Bleed em out
Bleed em out with
The evaporation of education
The dare to make poor people pay over inflated prices for health care
The fact
That innocent before proven guilty doesn’t seem to exist if you’re black
But atleast if you’re white
In court you won’t have to put up much of a fight
Because that girl was just asking for it by wearing a short skirt
Guess it was new
Seeing one of the few
Not suffering from obesity
An epidemic brought on by the unregulated food industry
And that’s not the only corrupt corporation
Needing subjection to a little contemplation
In our Oh so screwed up nation
If you have an issue with your brain
Psychiatry can help you not go insane
But by only using medication
Not consultation
Feeling stressed?
Have some xanax
To down to get up and go?
Here’s some lexapro
Depression still on the attack?
Add prozac
But if you need birth control
Your Christian employer might not have your back
Now, if your problem isn’t mental
Let me introduce to some meds that are quite fundamental
To that last one add acetaminophen
And you got vicodin
Now that one’s really in
But when it runs out you’ll turn to heroin
That’s right, we got an opiod crisis baby
Causing regular people turn to drugs that are illegal
Even though none less feeble
Than the ones our doctors give us
Looks like doctors have become dealers
They’ll give you anything
Anything except for Mary Jane
Cause big pharmaceutical companies can’t make big bucks off that to cure pain
Atleast illegally
I can get it pretty easily
But not even that could remove my disdain
For America the great
The country where everyone wants to be the same