Being a Girl is Hard

Our mission at BeYOUtiful is to help girls through the hardships of life because being a girl is difficult. Growing up I had books and mentors which helped me a substantial amount, but I wish I could have had older girls giving me advice, or help with college applications and my transition from middle school into high school. BeYOUtiful is already working on donating books to girls and some other events in the future, but I want more girls to tell me what helped them growing up. Comment on this post telling us what helped you growing up, what did you wish you would have had to make it easier or what you wish you had now. I am looking forward to hearing your feedback!

Hi! Im Ani, the creator of BeYOUtiful! I started this organization because I know how hard it is to grow up a girl. But, I’ve learned a few tips and tricks that have helped me a long the way. Now, I want to share them with YOU! I am currently in high school, still experiencing the same things you do too. I want to make this a place girls can help each other through the ups and downs of schools, the ins and outs of college and the nitty gritty of how to do your makeup to slay at prom. I will be writing articles on our website, working on events for girls in Miami, and building this organization up. I am so excited to be working on this.


  1. anonymous says:

    when i was younger i had trouble making friends but one thing that helped me was changing schools

  2. anonymous says:

    As I’ve gotte older I’ve notice that the friends you have define who you are as a person. Friends should encourage you to do good, not bad.

  3. BM says:

    School and figuring out where I belong was hard for me

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