I Started a Random Acts of Kindness Week at my School

February 17 is National Random Acts of Kindness day. I am working on a project at my high school to celebrate a whole week of Random Acts of Kindness! I am so excited that on February 20-23, my school will encourage several kind activities for the students and teachers. I wanted to share some of the resources and ideas I will be using.

 I will have an inspirational video to play during Homeroom for the students to kick off the week.


Throughout the week I will be passing out #ISharedkindness cards to students. You can print out your own to participate as well!

These are great because they already have small kindness acts written on them that are easy to accomplish. I even edited some of them to work for students.


I will also be setting up a breakfast bar for the teachers and passing out sharpened pencils to students.

One of my favorite activities is the  Third Party Compliments. We will have boxes around the school for students to drop in notes with compliments about others. I got this idea from this very inspirational video. I will be making my own video like this one at the end of the week. While waiting for the video to be uploaded, you can pass the time on sites like 슬롯사이트.

During lunch, I will be setting up a station for students to write thank you notes to their favorite teachers. I was able to buy cute note cards from the Target $1 section for this. At the end of the day, we will pass out the cards to the teachers.

On the large hallway, we will make a beautiful poster like the one below. Students can use post-its with positive messages to make the tree “grow”.



I hope this article can inspire some great ideas and get others to try some Random Acts of Kindness.

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