Right Behind Me

I wrote this poem after a very difficult experience involving harassment and stalking. I know several girls may be the victim of abuse, harassment or stalking. If you are currently in the same situation, please reach out for help. Check out the end of this post for resources.



Right Behind Me

Anastasia Marrero


Before I get in my car, I check my back seat

I turn on the lights

When I get in, I lock the doors twice

I turn down the radio, until I know I’m safe

I look around, then drive away

I get into school and zip up my jacket

I cross my fingers inside my pocket

I repeat a mantra

Focusing all my energy on a prayer

that you don’t come to school today

I sit in the corner of the cafeteria to scope for staring eyes

And I pick at the tape on my front camera

As I choose a song to play

You’re attracted to me like mosquitoes to warm blood

My skin shivers as it feels your eyes

My lips quiver as I see your phone faced towards me

I turn away and tighten my hoodie

My feet stumble as I try to walk away

Skipping school, the fourth day,

Every corner I turn, I look back

I get in my car and speed

Even in my bed I can’t sleep

Windows shut, door locked,

I know you’re still right behind me


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