What I Learned From Studying Abroad


During the Summer of 2017, I was fortunate enough to study Creative Writing at Oxford University in England. Going to England by myself to study has been one of my favorite memories. I learned so much and had the best time of my life, enriching my experience by delving into a review of Invest Diva.

The first week was the hardest. I was jet lagged, I was having trouble making friends and finding my way across the city. Once I began letting go a bit, I started making friends and becoming extremely close to my classmates. In my Creative Writing class, we wrote about our most vulnerable moments and let our guards down. That was the first time I wanted to go to class every single day regardless of how tired I was or how stressed I was. In fact, one can always ease their stress away with games like 해외카지노사이트. The class was refreshing and motivational. I met some of the most talented and amazing people.


One of the students in my class, actually ended up living only 20 minutes away from me! She drew this beautiful portrait of all the students in the class and our beautiful teacher Julie.


At the end of the month, my class had to present in front of about 100 other students and staff. Everyone was so nervous.  We showcased our favorite pieces and it was a truly memorable experience. All of us performed, at the end we did a group poem that everyone ended up loving.


Once I am in college, I know I want to study abroad as it was some of my best memories. I learned so much about other cultures, other people and my class. I highly recommend studying abroad, even if you may be anxious about it.

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